Mobile Workforce Solution for Microsoft Exchange™


Carry Out Business Anytime, Anywhere

Can your mobile workforce access email calendars and contacts from the road? Can your staff effectively communicate and collaborate at all times with fellow employees, business associates and customers? How do you effectively support portable devices, while ensuring the stability, reliability and security of your infrastructure?


Successful organizations need the ability to carry out business anytime, anywhere. This means mobilizing the work force to increase productivity, support collaboration and address customer demand at headquarters, at branch locations and on the road. Unfortunately, many organizations are still burdened with a mobile workforce system that doesn't allow users to access their corporate email accounts, calendars and contact lists while away from the office. This severely reduces the benefits of workforce mobility and creates an ongoing liability in terms of lost productivity, reduced collaboration, delayed communication and impaired customer service.


To help keep today's professionals in touch anytime and anywhere, Simplex provides Mobile Workforce Solution for Microsoft Exchange 2003. This proven, cost-effective solution fully supports migration from

  • Microsoft Exchange 5.5
  • Microsoft Exchange 2000
  • Lotus Notes/Domino and Group Wise

Simplex enables organizations to move to Microsoft Exchange 2003 with minimal disruptions to the business. Simplex solutions include baselining all mobile work organizational requirements as well as determining the infrastructure needed to support mobile employees with the highest levels of reliability and security.

Extensive Support for Mobile Devices

With Simplex and Microsoft Exchange, mobile workers can send and access email using a growing variety of portable devices:

  • The BlackBerry line of wireless handhelds or cell phone cards that act as wireless modems for notebook computers, dramatically enhance on-the-road productivity.
  • Wireless Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), growing smaller, easier to use and more powerful all the time.
  • Smartphones that allow mobile workers to access the corporate network from devices they can carry in their pockets.


Simplex helps ensure that you enjoy a full return on your investment in Microsoft Exchange by delivering

Unbeatable Performance and Value

Migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2003 provides new and better tools for mobile and remote workers , improving stability, reliability and scalability while reducing the time IT spends supporting messaging platforms.

Simplex has relationships with some of the industry's leading brands, ensuring that you get best-of-breed hardware and software solutions tailored for your specific needs.

A Comprehensive

Turn-key solutions enable rapid upgrading of your Microsoft Exchange 5.5, Lotus Notes/Domino and Group Ware environments.

Pre-packaged services are provided with a fixed-time/fixed cost commitment including:

  • Simplex Mobile Workforce for Exchange Readiness Assessment
  • Active Directory Design and Deployment
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 Training
  • Active Directory Training

Reduced Risks and Costs of Migration and Deployment

Our service professionals are experienced and highly skilled, with the industry's highest certifications.

Simplex gives you a single, vendor-based solution, backed by over 5 million hours of infrastructure services.

We have extensive relationships with the leading technology vendors in the industry.

Our solutions are based on best practices and proven methodologies, anticipating possible challenges and roadblocks and recommending effective strategies to avoid them.

Our solutions are accurately scoped and staffed which helps reduce costs and decrease time to delivery.

We could help you find a solution that's right for you:

  • Single Site or Multiple Site
  • Base Solution
  • Performance Solutions
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