Mailbox Booster for Microsoft Exchange™


Reduce Storage Costs and Improve Server Performance

Are you able to effectively manage the explosive growth of email and mailboxes, as well as spiraling storage costs? Are you confident that your current messaging platform can support your business growth? Are you mitigating risks by retaining and managing email and instant messages as a record of business? If these questions sound familiar, then you know that managing the growth of email-stores is a time-consuming, complex and seemingly never-ending problem.


Today's email challenges include:

  • Managing growth Average storage requirements for a 1,000-user company will grow from 200 GB/month to over 320 GB/month in less than 4 years (Radiate Group).
  • Improving productivity Users spend in excess of 60 minutes per day managing email (Ferris Research).
  • Supporting email administration IT administrators spend over 25% of their time managing email (CNI).
  • Managing risk 50% of organizations have been ordered to produce email (Oysterman Research).

Traditional approaches such as over-provisioning email databases, limiting end-user mailbox sizes, backing up email stores to tape, offloading management to users or adding email helpdesk and IT staff have only one problem — they don't work.


To help companies optimize the use of storage and reduce the cost of legal discovery, Simplex provides Mailbox Booster for Microsoft Exchange. This proven, cost-effective solution includes EMC EmailXtender and EmailXtender Archive Edition. It fully supports migration from Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 to Exchange Server 2003. A Simplex solution also includes a Mailbox Booster assessment to determine requirements for mailbox and storage optimization, back-up/restore healthcheck, and other infrastructure functions.

The Simplex solution can improve your mailbox management by reducing email storage costs and improving email server performance. You can also enjoy a reduction of the costs and risks associated with the legal discovery process by managing and archiving emails and instant messages (IM) as a business record.

Lower Your Storage Costs

With Simplex and EMC's EmailXtender, IT can reduce email related storage costs by moving messages and attachments from Exchange Server to a secure archive server. This decreases the burden of Exchange Server and improves performance. Emailxtender eliminates duplicate messages, while retaining a record of all users who sent or were copies on the message. Email tender then compresses the data, further reducing the size of the archive. The result is better Exchange Server performance, less data to back up, less tape usage and a compact messaging archive.

Managing Email as a Business Record to Reduce Risk

Companies without a comprehensive email management system face a greater risk related to electronic discovery. An email-related litigation or discovery request can be costly and time-consuming. EmailXtender's real-time capture provides support for a complete and authentic archive. Full-text indexing of a subject line, message body and attachments, and powerful search tools ensure that requested emails can be produced in minutes rather than weeks or months. This indexing technology is extremely efficient, producing index data that is 10% the size of the message and attachments.

Unbeatable Performance and Value

Organizations can cost-effectively migrate from Exchange Server 5.5 or 2000 to Exchange Server 2003 with minimal disruptions to the business.

Mailbox management is improved.

  • Reduced emai storage costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Optimal user productivity

The cost and risk of legal discovery is reduced.

  • Reduced discovery costs
  • Elimination of unmanaged archives
  • The benefit of Simplex's relationships with some of the industry's leading brands, ensuring that you get best-of-breed hardware and software solutions tailored for your specific needs.

A Comprehensive

Turn-key solutions enable rapid upgrading of your Microsoft Exchange 5.5, and 2000 environments.

Pre-packaged services have been tested and thoroughly proven, helping to streamline and optimize the migration and implementation process. Prepackaged services include:

  • Simplex Mailbox Booster for Exchange Readiness Assessment
  • Back-up/Restore/Hotsite HealthCheck
  • Active Directory Design and Deployment
  • EmailXtender Design and Installation
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 Training
  • Active Directory Training
  • EmailXtender Training

Reduced Risks and Costs of Migration and Deployment

Our service professionals are experienced and highly skilled, with the industry's highest certifications.

Simplex gives you a single-vendor solution, backed by over 5 million hours of infrastructure services for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

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