Simplex Solutions

Looking for end-to-end IT infrastructure Operations and Management Services?

Wish you had access to a delivery model of innovative, high-quality, value-added services?

Need a partner who can help you achieve sustainable competitive advantage? Look no further…

We are here to cut down your complexities with our simplified solutions.

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    Services Offered

    We offer Operations Management Services that encompass end to end business infrastructure. Offering a global delivery model to our clients, we help them integrate domain expertise through integrated service management tools with worldwide resources.

    Our Offerings are,

    • Infrastructure
    • Managed Back up
    • Network Management
    • Managed Security Services
    • Data Center Services

    Why Simplex
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    Driven by Business Outcomes and not by Technical SLAs

    Our relationships with customers transcend client-vendor paradigm and result in long-term mutually beneficial opportunities. Our focus is on enhancing client business value and enabling them to be more nimble, cost-effective and focused on growth.

    • Multiple Delivery Model
    • Focus on Business Infrastructure
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      Global Infrastructure
    • Privacy Protection (PP)
    • Business continuity / Recovery planning
    • IT Service Excellence Mgmt methodology

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